New Steakhouses In El Paso Bring Unique Experience to the Table

POSTED: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 5:37pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 7:04pm

Two new Steakhouses that have opened in the Borderland offer diners a unique experience. One is a brand new Korean restaurant in East El Paso. The other is an established steakhouse in Juarez that just opened a location on the West side.

At Korean Steakhouse Bull-GalBee, you get to be the chef and cook your steak at your table. "Since the steak stays hot all the time, it makes the steaks so much better," said Bull-GalBee owner Min Yi.

The restaurant has the makings of an upscale restaurant with a modern chic decor and has Korean touches throughout the place; everything that you'd expect, until you see the grill at your table.

Min says having a grill at your table is something typical you would see in Korea but in El Paso this is the only place you can find it. "This would be an opportunity for El Paso people to try out a new concept, something different from the ordinary," said Min.

And to go with your steak, of course there's authentic Korean side dishes: spicy salad; Korean potato salad mixed with raisin apple cucumber; kimchi, which is a popular side dish in Korea, is fermented cabbage; fish cake; broccoli; cucumber kimchi; soy bean sprouts; pickled radish and seaweed, to name some.

Most of the steaks are marinated for at least 48 hours and the side dishes are also carefully prepared. "Korean food are mostly fermented," said Min. "It takes time and effort to get ready, which is very different from the Asian foods, which is cooked right away."

Heading to West El Paso, Montana Steakhouse opened less than a month ago. Executive Chef Daniel Nava says what makes their steaks so tasty is their special seasoning.

"The way we make out steaks. What we put on our steaks. The atmosphere here is a lot better from any other steakhouse we have here in El Paso," said Nava.

The restaurant had four locations in Juarez and was in business for nearly 30 years there until the owners decided to come to El Paso. They opened at the building where Jackson's used to be on Mesa near Castellano. "They brought all of their seasonings and their wine and everything over here to try to make a name for themselves here," said Nava.

Nava says their New York 28 oz. steak is one of the more popular steaks. "It has a blue cheese sauce that comes with it and it's basically for four people," he said.

And just as Montana made a name for itself in Juarez, that's what the owners are looking to do here in the Sun City. "This is going to be the first one that opens and they plan on opening a few more," said Daniel.

Montana Steakhouse is located at 4999 N. Mesa.

Bull-GalBee is located at 1515 lee Trevino. for more information go to

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