Expectant Mothers Celebrate Their Pregnancy With Belly Painting

POSTED: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 6:25pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 7, 2011 - 5:33pm

EL PASO- It's another way for expectant mothers to celebrate their pregnancy.

A body artist in Northeast El Paso paints beautiful designs on women's bellies and they enjoy being able to bear their bump and do something unique for their babies.

Mother-to-be Jessica Finton isn't beating around the bush as she announces she's expecting a bundle of joy.
Jessica just had her belly painted by body artist Whitney Myers with the message "we're expecting" and she's sending pictures to family and friends.

"People move and they breathe and they're living and they have personality and you can't always put that into art on a canvass that's not alive," said Whitney.

Whitney does all kinds of body art from kids' parties to special events, but she says most of her clientele are expectant mothers.  "Everything I use is professional-grade cosmetic paints. They're water based. They wash out easy," said Whitney.

It takes anywhere between 10 minutes to three hours to finish the design. It all depends on how intricate the drawing is.

Whitney painted the belly of one expectant mother, who wanted a floral design and included her baby's name, Krisea.  "I get to know the mom, the personality, what's important to them and I base the design off that," said Whitney.

"My theme is daisies. I love the outdoors and so she is a girl and I wanted something more beautiful for her," says expectant mother Sonia Walters.

This was Sonia Walter’s first time getting her belly painted and she said her baby girl, Alice Elise, was tracing the brush. That, says Whitney, happens very often.  "Whenever I’m painting, they'll punch at the brush or hit at the brush. It seems like an enjoyable experience for you and your child," said Whitney.

Christy Thorne doesn't know what she's having yet but she wanted to show some patriotism.  "My husband is military and it's just something that is very strong message in this town. Not just this town but everywhere," said Christy.

Although the paint will wash off with water, Christy says this is a memory she will have for a lifetime.  "This is just like another memento, something individual for this child that's just kind of, it's one of those life-long things that you can look back in your scrap book and see how we were celebrating the arrival of our child," said Christy.

The cost of belly paintings start at $35. For more information, visit Www.whitneysbodyart.com


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thats so stupid

Then you don't have to do it. Its just a way of expressing yourself. Just like little kids love to get their face painted, people get all painted for football games, people dress up for halloween, etc... this is just another way of celebrating!

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