Attorney: "Garcia Will Not Plead Guilty", Bond Set

POSTED: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 4:42pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 12:59pm

EL PASO- Lorenzo Garcia appeared before a judge today and his bond was set at $50,000.

Lorenzo Garcia was brought out in a blue jumpsuit, property of the El Paso County Detention Facility, with chains around his wrist, waist, and feet. Judge Richard Mesa read Garcia his charges, three counts of mail fraud and one count of embezzlement.

If found guilty, Garcia could face up to 20 years in jail for each mail fraud charge and up to 10 years for the embezzlement charge. Judge Mesa set Garcia’s bond at $50,000. Garcia’s attorney said they already had the check for the $5,000 deposit.

His attorney also told us that there’s no way Garcia will plead guilty and he’s confident he will be acquitted.

Here's more on the specific charges against Dr. Garcia. The centerpiece of the indictment involves a contract adopted by EPISD.

The government says Dr. Garcia and a co-conspirator pocketed hundreds of thousands dollars in illegal profits- money given to the district by El Paso taxpayers. The FBI says Garcia allegedly directed a contract valued around half a million dollars towards a Houston-based company, Infinity Resources and Associates.

The president of the company is a woman named Tracy Rose. Garcia had a personal relationship with her, yet he failed to tell the board of trustees about his relationship with Rose and his financial interest in her company. According to court documents, Garcia convinced Rose to enter the contract with EPISD and set the value of the contract to be higher than what rose believed to be accurate.

In July 2006, Garcia told infinity resources and associates to submit an affidavit and letter to EPISD to request a no-bid contract where the company was the sole source of the products and services it offered. The next month, the company received two checks from the school district amounting to $180,000 each. One charge against Garcia is aiding and abetting theft from programs that receive federal funds.

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Accused kiddie porn teachers are not allowed to teach until cleared of all charges.

Likewise Garcia should be suspended from his position until cleared and not allowed back to shred the evidence of this and other crimes.

We will pay for his lawyers and then we will pay for his Golden parachute. More of the "El Paso Culture."

He fired me after 25 years of employment because of cutbacks he said, but instead of laying off a new inexperienced officer, he gave me the boot! Karma is a B_tch! You get yours sir.

As EPISD’s employees we are familiar with procedures in which employees have been terminated for insignificant incidents; such as forgetting to sign in/out or staying fifteen minutes after our regular work schedule. It would also be ridiculous if he were to be placed on Administrative Leave with pay. We sincerely hope that the Board has high standards of honor and not allow him to return to EPISD in any capacity. EPISD employees and the general public deserve more respect.

Are you joking?! We are appalled, flabbergasted, insulted, offended, snubbed, & hurt to hear that L. Garcia has the gall to presume that he may return to work tomorrow, after being arrested and charged with such outrageous crimes. It is irrelevant that he is innocent until proven guilty; we strongly believe and have more faith in the FBI’s integrity and that their investigation has been extensive and would not “make a mistake” and pursue an arrest without concrete evidence.

As a parent of an EPISD student I am appalled at the allegations directed towards Dr. Garcia. To know that he may have been stealing federal funds makes me sick to my stomach. The entire community is well aware of the economic hardships our schools have faced. Schools are being shut down, jobs are at risk, and programs are being cut. And why is it that he is the highest paid district supervisor in the state and yet we live among the most economically challenged communities in the state?!? It ma

Good lawyer, Lots of $$, he probably wont see a jury/trial for 3-4 years. Typical of El Paso, dusty west Texas judicial process. This dude, probably has muchos in his pockets, or favors due. just watch this play out, but dont hold your breath on it.

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