Comic Books Grow in Popularity as Superheroes Hit the Big Screen

Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 5:58pm

As superheroes flex their muscles at the box office... the popularity of comic books returns with "a-vengeance."

"The movies kind of bring people back to 'I want to read a Batman comic or I want to read a Spiderman comic' and they come in looking for them and toys...things of that nature for the movie itself," said "Asylum Comics and Cards" Owner Charles Hagemaster.

Hagemaster says the latest big screen "marvel"... "The Amazing Spiderman"... definitely spun a web of increased demand.

"Everybody wants to be Spiderman so it's a great movie. It's just something to enjoy for a couple of hours. Just to be out there and actually see what you've seen in a comic for years, see it on the screen," said Hagemaster.

Along with action-packed pages... Hagemaster says comic books also provide a quick and easy way to get kids to read.

"If they're interested in Batman or Spiderman they could come and read that book and it's not as much reading I guess you would say as an actual book, but it gets them to read. People should really consider it's reading, not just trying to collect it."

Hagemaster expects "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" to pack a similar punch in his sales when the film hits theatres next week.

"Batman is always a hot item. Batman is always a great draw for everybody. Everybody loves the 'Dark Knight.' And the past two to three movies have been a great bring-back for it," said Hagemaster.

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