Anticipating household dangers can save your pet's life

(StatePoint) Household pets are adorably curious, but they can't read labels or plant their own gardens.

Grow what you eat; cook what you grow

(StatePoint) Cooking from the garden is not like cooking from the store. There's nothing more tasty, nutritious and satisfying than fresh, homemade meals made from the fruits, vegetables and herbs you grew yourself.

Tips to avoid injuries while spring cleaning

(StatePoint) Cleaning your home from top to bottom this spring? Do so with care. From falls off ladders to muscle pain, heavy-duty chores can be hazardous to your health and wellness if you're not careful.

Tips to start composting for your garden

(StatePoint) It doesn't matter if you're a gardening novice trying to supplement your dinner table with some home-grown veggies or an entrepreneur that earns a living off the land, composting is a simple way to go green and help save th

How to find the right doctor for your cosmetic procedure

(StatePoint) Everyone has heard about a cosmetic procedure that left a patient unsatisfied or worse. But don't let those anecdotes scare you. There are plenty of qualified, talented doctors available for every procedure.

Tips to stay safe and secure while traveling this spring

(StatePoint) Spring travel can offer a much-needed cure for cabin fever.

Growing Jobs in the Medical Field

Vocational nurses work in hospitals, for doctors in their offices, skilled nursing facilities and other settings in the medical field.

Riding the Wind - The Lure of Motorcycles

Motorcycles have long offered a mysterious lure to certain demographics. There is simply something about the motorcycle that sets it apart from other modes of transportation.

Tire Blow Out: Steps for Safe Recovery

Oh no! It's bad enough when running late or trying to find a destination, but everything else can grind to a halt when a tire blows.

Why Block Out UV? What's the Science

People believe that regular window glass blocks all UV radiation from the Sun. This is not true.

Google’s Rel=author is Most Prestigious Tag for Author Rank

One of the main challenges we face on Google is author ranking and becoming an authoritative voice online. Nowadays, there is a quicker approach to landing on Google's first page and developing your credibility as an author.

Don't Get Mad: Use Your Energy to Help Turn Your Denial Around

Believe it or not, denial of benefits is an all too common problem. Each year, thousands of people are denied benefits of some sort, be it disability benefits, insurance claims and payouts, or workers compensation benefits.

Is Skywriting Back as a Good Advertising Choice?

One of the potential ways to promote your organization is to use skywriting as a medium. But is it a reasonable choice?

Unusual Careers That Could Take Advantage of Creative Writing Skills

If you love to write, then you have probably considered pursuing higher education in writing, such as a creative writing masters degree.

Forklift Deaths - How Rare Are They Around the World?

Forklifts can be found in many workplaces throughout the world, although they are primarily used in the movement of cargo and other supplies.