Who Should You Turn to When Shopping For Your Girl’s Ring?


POSTED: Monday, November 12, 2012 - 2:37pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 16, 2012 - 4:55pm

Is it her Mom, Sister, Friend, or someone else?

You’ve decided you want to propose to your girlfriend and now, it’s time to choose the ring. The pressure can feel overwhelming – how do you choose an engagement ring that’s going to be perfect for her? There are so many styles and designs, so how do you know what she likes?

As a result, it can start to feel like an impossible mission. The options in the jewelry stores are endless and then, you have to figure out the size and shape of the diamond, the type of setting and the precious metal used for the setting for the engagement ring. If you’re worried that you’re never going to be able to choose the right ring and want it to be a surprise, the best advice is to get help from someone who can get the inside information you need. This person – someone you trust and your girlfriend generally opens up to – can ultimately help you choose the perfect engagement ring.

So who is your best option?

Her Gal Pals

Girlfriends typically share everything about their lives from their tastes in men to their jewelry preferences. If you can discreetly contact her best friend for advice, don’t be afraid to do so. She can share details on what your girlfriend wants, discreetly ask questions the style of ring she loves or even come along to help you make a final buying decision. If you do decide to involve her friends, try to only include one or two, and make sure they can be trusted. You don’t want your proposal making it way back to her ears and ruining the surprise.

The Moms

You could also involve her mother, your mother or both moms in engagement ring shopping. The mothers are likely to feel touched that they get to be in on the surprise before the big proposal. Her mother can let you know what type of jewelry is preferred by your girlfriend. On the other side, your mother can help give you general jewelry advice and tips on how to pick the best diamond engagement ring that falls within your budget.

Sisterly Advice

If your girlfriend has a sister, this could be an ideal choice to help you pick out a diamond engagement ring. Sisters with close relationships can usually know exactly what type of ring their sister would love – more so than anyone else. Even if her sister doesn’t know what type of engagement ring you should buy, you can send her on a covert mission. Ask her to see if she could collect any hints on what type of ring your future fiancée would love. Ask her to be discreet to ensure that your girlfriend does not catch on. She can also be asked to find out the ring size of your girlfriend if you don’t already know it.

No matter whom you choose, her closest friends and family members can be a major help when shopping for an engagement ring. However, keep in mind that you should always make the final decision on a ring and never feel pressured to buy a ring that you’re not 100 percent certain about. After all, this is the ring she’s going to wear for the rest of her life, you want to be sure she’s going to love it. So fear no more, buying her ring doesn’t have to be scary when you have someone there to help you.  

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