Stuck on Gift Ideas? Flowers Are More Thoughtful Than Gift Cards

Stuck on Gift Ideas? Flowers Are More Thoughtful Than Gift Cards

POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 10:21am

UPDATED: Monday, December 16, 2013 - 10:26am

Gifts can be the best thing in the world to give and receive or they can turn into the worst thing that has ever happened.

Billy had been dating his girlfriend Sammi for two years. Christmas was approaching and things were a little rough between Sammi and Billy. You see, Sammi wanted Billy to be more romantic and Billy was not a romantic guy. Deep down Sammi just wanted a Christmas present that came from the heart.

Billy had bought her socks for two birthdays, a cell phone cover for Valentine’s Day, a key chain that lit up for their first-year anniversary, and an assortment of other gift cards and presents that lacked feeling. Sure, he was trying but he wasn’t succeeding, even though she had gently tried to lead him in the right direction.

Sammi wanted more. Billy sat and racked his brain on how to be more romantic but it just was not there. He had a list of things to buy Sammi for Christmas and he knew he had to do better. However, as it turned out, Billy did not feel the spark for Sammi that made him want to do better.

On Christmas Day when Sammi unwrapped her case of Bud Light with two glasses she cringed. There was a note attached to the two glasses that read “May we spend many more Christmases together toasting to the rest of our life together.” That might have been OK, but he should’ve known she liked wine.

Sammi knew that this was not the life that she wanted. She wanted something greater. She knew what she had to do so she sent Billy out the door, giving him the glasses to share with someone who would appreciate them. She sat by the window the next day wishing for something more.

All of a sudden, Chris, a person that Sammi had been in love with since she was a little girl, came walking up the path. Sammi went to the door and opened it to see Chris with a smile on his face and the most beautiful bouquet of flowers she had ever seen. Chris handed her the bouquet and didn't have to say more because the beauty of the flowers said it all.

In a moment of stress and sadness, Chris had come through and, though she didn’t often, tears welled in her eyes and spilled over. He held her and gave warmth to her joy.

Chris has given Sammi flowers every Christmas, Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary since. And a lot of times, for no reason at all. Sammi thought she was very lucky - Chris knew he was.

Sammi finally found the romance that she was looking for. Chris won the heart of the girl that he always loved with Christmas flowers. You see, Chris had always loved Sammi but he never thought that she was interested.

That year he had realized that it was now or never and when he saw the Christmas flowers by FTD he knew that it would be the perfect gift. A great florist can tell a story with flowers. The beauty and compassion put into a bouquet show through the finished product.

A bouquet of flowers can say that one word love, clearly. Florists who arrange Christmas flowers understand this and that is why when Chris called them they knew exactly what to do.

You can win the love of your life, or show your parents how much you love them, give a beautiful gift to family members all with FTD Christmas flowers.

A great florist takes the time to listen to who your flowers are for and make sure to make a bouquet that says exactly what you want to say. You can customize your order or choose a pre-arranged bouquet. The most important thing to know is that there are different flowers for everyone and you are sure to please with beautiful arrangements.

Christmas flowers all speak a beautiful story. There are arrangements for centerpieces, gifts or decoration. You can choose flowers that come in decorative pieces, vases or even wreaths. The possibilities are endless and flowers are the perfect gift.

Flowers add beauty to an already beautiful person’s life.

Something Extra

You can also order treats to go along with your Christmas flowers. Chocolates, cookies, candy and more are the perfect addition to your presents this year.

Make Christmas special this year by giving the perfect gift. Tell your friends and family a story of love when you hand them their present this year. Show your guests how much you appreciate them coming with the perfect centerpieces and decorative accents when you have Christmas dinner.

Flowers can say things that no other gift can. Flowers can show someone how you feel about them in a special way. Make sure that you tell the people you love Merry Christmas this year in a very special way.  

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