Is Skywriting Back as a Good Advertising Choice?

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 12:55pm

One of the potential ways to promote your organization is to use skywriting as a medium. But is it a reasonable choice?

The answer is that it is a good choice if there is adequate ROI to you and your team. To answer that, you can learn from any ad agency. Phoenix is a location where skywriting can work as a medium because of the general clear skies and targeted population.

The positive elements of a basic skywriting ad campaign are:

It is a presentation that attracts attention and results in a very high degree of retention. That is, the impact of the skywriting ad is strong and makes a very favorable impression on the target audience.

Viewers will remember the event - which it is.

It can be targeted to a very specific group or gathering. If you are looking to create an impact on fans of auto racing, a sky writing presentation at the Phoenix International Raceway during a NASCAR race can be a perfect approach.

Drawbacks to a Skywriting campaign are as follows:

The message is terse and is limited to a small number of characters. It is difficult to present a “Call to Action” or to identify a web page. It can be a simple brand building event, where your brand is highlighted or it can be a simple impulse ad. Advertising a cold soda at an outdoor event can result in specific instant sales.

The presentation is short lived. On windy or stormy days, the entire message can last for a very short time, perhaps measured in seconds. On windless days, the message can linger for a more extended period of time.

What Are the Different Skywriting Programs?

There are different ways to conduct a campaign from the air.

Traditional one-plane skywriting akin to the movie sequence in the Wizard of Oz where “Surrender Dorothy” is written in the sky over the Emerald City is available and popular. In addition, there are digital presentations where several planes fly in formation over the target area and lay down a message. Or you can consider a plane pulling a banner that describes your message; not quite as imaginative as skywriting, but it does have much the same impact. Each has different cost considerations, and can be used in different circumstances.

To evaluate these and other elements of a skywriting campaign, you can learn from any ad agency Phoenix is one of the better locations to run such a campaign. Let any agency you hire how the cost of such an ad program can result in a favorable impact on your sales and bottom line.
In consultation with your ad agency Phoenix can be a place where a skywriting campaign will show a positive ROI and make for a perfect way to promote your business or organization’s products.  

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