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Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 12:32pm

When you are looking up for something on the internet, what matters most is the speed of that service provider. Here, your choice is based on the speed. Where do we get these services? Internet services are provided by internet service providers (ISP). In short, this is an organization that provides access to the internet. The ISPs connects the clients to the internet by, copper wires, fiber optic or wireless connections

They are usually classified as:

• Access providers; provide a range of technologies to enable consumers to connect to their internet.
• Mail providers; provide email mailbox services. It has email servers to send, receive, accept and store for others.
• Hosting ISPs; provide web hosting services, FTP and email services.
• Transit ISPs; provide large amounts of bandwidth for connecting ISPs
• Free ISPs; this type provides internet services free of charge. They are mostly used for advertisement purposes.
• Virtual ISPs; this type, purchases services from another ISP. This is usually on a wholesale basis, hence wholesale ISP.

Each service provider aims at becoming the best, primarily through guaranteed faster internet access. High speed will ensure less cost. It’s measured in megabytes per seconds otherwise denoted as Mbps. They are given values, and the highest value known is 105 Mbps. This has been called a blast. Generally any speed above 45Mbps is the best.

Security is another factor that you should consider while choosing internet services. A secure provider ensures information security. Most people use the internet for various activities. Internet shopping, online banking and emails require passwords. This password should be protected for you by the internet provider.

Viruses and spams are the most common distracters while accessing the internet. This can destroy the component that you are using to access the internet, be it a phone or a computer. Your system must be secured from these bugs in order to enjoy you services. Therefore, the best internet provide must provide this service. Other security issues you need to know is the back up security services that protects against loosing data, and the identity guard that helps to protect you from being identified with theft. Always or constantly guard your devices, be it an iPad, iPhone or even a computer.

Fiber Optics
Fiber optic is said to be the future of faster internet services. Compared to DSL, which is limited to only 24Mbps, fiber optic has been known to produce a speed of up to 100Mbps in the UK. Having a faster speed internet means faster downloads hence faster information sharing. It functions by sending information in pulses of light through individual cables. It has much less interference. Without a doubt, the
best internet provider should have such qualities.

Wireless internet is mostly for mobile phones broadband. This has evolved from the relatively lower 2G to now 4G. The latter is faster and flexible. When you buy a phone, buy the one with 4G internet access. This will enable you to have faster access to online information. Some electronic devices have been developed to increase the speed. One such device is the portabella that combines multiple cellular wireless air cards. It supports 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, and wimax, among others. A user can plug in several cellular wireless data modem cards.

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