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Don't Get Mad: Use Your Energy to Help Turn Your Denial Around

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 2:22pm

Believe it or not, denial of benefits is an all too common problem. Each year, thousands of people are denied benefits of some sort, be it disability benefits, insurance claims and payouts, or workers compensation benefits. The problem is extremely widespread, but simply getting upset, angry and resentful of the denial, one can take matters into their own hands and fight a denial. In many cases, a proper attorney can help to reverse the decision and retrieve the benefits that the claimant is rightly entitled to. A Houston denial of benefits lawyer is the first step to getting back and track and retrieving lost or revoked benefits. 

Why are Benefit Claims Denied? 

Benefit claims are denied for a variety of reasons. In some cases not providing the necessary identification and paperwork in the allotted time frame can lead to a denial of benefits. Finding a good lawyer, appealing the decision and properly filing all necessary information, in these cases, can often help to reinstate the benefits, or begin benefits that a claimant is entitled too. 

In some cases benefits are denied because the claimant has not sufficiently proven their case, and the agency in charge of the benefits do not deem the recipient needy enough to retrieve those benefits. These cases are a bit more complex, but a Houston denial of benefits lawyer, can certainly help set the record straight and reanalyze the petition to gain a better understanding of what went wrong and what the client needs to do in order to claim their benefits. 

When one makes too much money at any given time, benefits for disability can and will be denied. In most cases, the threshold is $1,000 a month. In these circumstances a Houston denial of benefits lawyer can help file paperwork at a later date, once income has dipped low enough for the claimant to file, successfully for disability benefits. Other issues that can cause a denial of benefits include; not following prescribed treatment, being convicted of a felony, or failing to comply with necessary procedures. Each of these denial reasons do not permanently prevent an individual for filing again in the future, a denial is not absolute. 

What Can A Houston Denial of Benefits Lawyer Do 
These lawyers are experts in the field of benefits and the agencies that grant them. An attorney who specializes in this field has worked extensively with benefits paperwork and know the laws pertaining to collecting benefits inside and out. This type of expertise helps anyone looking to change a denial into an approval, by ensuring all necessary paperwork is filed, and ensuring the claimant is actually entitled to benefits in the first place. By understanding the laws pertaining to claims and benefits a lawyer can help ensure a case is handled quickly, efficiently and justly. 

The Bottom Line 

Each year thousands of people file claims for benefits. Each year many of those individuals are denied their claim for a variety of different reasons. For some, that seems to be the end of the road. The claimant simply walks away with a denial and anger towards the benefits agency that has failed to help them. It simply does not have to be that way though, a Houston denial of benefits lawyer can turn that anger into something positive.   

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