Beyond the Flames: Getting That Custom Paint Job for Your Muscle Car

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 7:35am

The Dodge Challenger is the ultimate muscle car. It is distinct in every way and deserves just the right custom paint job. There are a variety of possibilities from the ultimate sleek black paint to the most eye popping color variation on the road.

Whatever your style your car will stand out on the road as a rugged individual. Each custom paint job is as unique as the owner however the Dodge Challenger deserves respect and should never be painted up in a way that takes away from its status as the number one muscle car on the road today. That means no frilly details, no fancy free painting and no cute stuff.


You need a custom paint job that shows off the raw power and look of your car. Getting started on a custom paint job can get a bit overwhelming but finding a good reliable shop should be your first priority.

A reliable auto paint shop can help you design your perfect Dodge Challenger paint job but you should take these steps to find a shop that you feel comfortable with in helping design your car. To find the perfect shop you should follow the following recommendations:

You should ask always ask friends and family first. They may have a good recommendation or they may tell you a few places to stay away from; either way you can narrow down a list of choices.
Evaluate the shop's location and the labor rate for that particular area. Your biggest price difference is in your labor rate and you may find the same quality work in a shop that has less overhead due to demographical areas.

Ask good questions. Ask about warranties, guarantees and ask for references of previous customers. Ask about professional certifications and training of employees as well as licenses for the shop. Find out how long the shop has been in business and whether they have insurance that will pay for your loss in the event of theft or fire at their location. Finally, ask about how many coats of paint or clear coat they intend to use on your car. 

Get several estimates. When you comparison shop you can be sure you are getting a fair price. However don't always go with the lowest price because they may be skipping quality in order to provide lower prices. You may also find that the shop that offers the quality you are looking for may match a competitor’s quote so that you get the shop you choose at the price you want.

Trust gut instincts. If customer service is lacking or the shop looks in disarray, you may be better off finding another shop that you feel you can trust. (from Edmunds)

Once you find a reliable and trustworthy shop you can begin to create that custom look for your Dodge Challenger. Your shop may have some design ideas to help you create the look you have in mind or you can browse online images to find ideas that match your plan to create. Your Challenger will look great whether you decide to add flames, solid sleek colors or bold racing stripes or something more artistic.
Be bold and hit the road.