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Beyond Bondi Beach - Deep Southern Charm

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 8:54am

Icy winds and Jack Frost say it's time to wrap up and wait for the snow plow up north but December is high summer in the Deep South - the really Deep South.

While friends and relatives pull out heavy coats and snow shovels, students from every corner of the globe bring in the holiday season by discovering beautiful South Australia.

Each year thousands of students come to live, work and play in Sydney and New South Wales. A wise man once stated that travel broadens the mind and for many of these young people the journey will become a life-changing experience. In the pursuit of a science, business or hospitality degree, visitors find discovering Australia's natural wonders and history an education all by itself. Most will go home when school is over and many will find attending a university in New South Wales is only the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the land down under.

World's Best City on a Budget
Most university students in Australia study live and work in and around Sydney. The city is a multicultural oasis; over half of Sydney's inhabitants are foreign-born. The multicultural atmosphere provides visitors and residents a wide range of delicious dining choices and exotic shopping opportunities that fit easily within a student’s limited budget.

Housing inside Sydney proper can be a bit pricey for college students living off campus. Many students will choose full board accommodations or rent a flat on-campus. If living off campus is the preferred choice, low cost bus and rail services make it easy for students to rent or share a less expensive flat in the surrounding suburban areas and commute to the city.

Free and Low-Cost Fun
You spend every day, Monday through Friday working like a dog to earn your technical, business or hospitality degree. When the weekend comes it's time to go out to play. New South Wales and the Sydney area is chock full of fun and interesting things to do that won't break your wallet. No matter what your idea of adventure is, you can find it here.

Learn to play at the same time as you discover the city. Sydney is home to excellent museums, theater and performing arts. Spend an evening at the Sydney Opera House the music at a free music festival. The night is filled with great food, music and friends when you visit your favorite nightclub or pub.

Nature lovers shouldn't waste the opportunity to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens and Lane Cove River National Park. Just a short train ride outside the city, Blue Mountain National Park is a definite don't miss item to add to the agenda. It's a unique opportunity to discover Australia's aboriginal culture and history. Spend a weekend camping and hiking in Katoomba to discover South Australia's breathtaking natural beauty.

And, of course, noone can stay in Australia without a visit to the beach. Students living in and around Sydney are fortunate because the world-famous Bondi Beach and many other great places to swim, surf and soak up the sun are nearby. Forget the snow; attending university in New South Wales will provide memories, forever.  

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