Alleged Bully Victim Says He's Being Forced Off Football Team

POSTED: Friday, August 6, 2010 - 7:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 9:22am

The teen who says he was attacked at Franklin High Tuesday, claims that he continues to be threatened by his football teammates.

Thursday the school's football coach made one of his players leave practice because of it.

Cesar Carreon says he has been enduring threats since going to the media after another football player allegedly punched him in the face.

Now, Carreon says he is being forced off the football team.

"One of the coaches tells me, you should go ahead and go home. Meanwhile in the weight room, where I was at, they were having a team meeting and aren't I part of the team."> says Carreon.

Carreon is a junior trying to make the varsity football team at Franklin. He finds himself on the outside looking in ever since he was allegedly assaulted by one of the team's star players.

Logan Mansfield, the team's all-district lineman, was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury Wednesday after police say he beat up Carreon in front of other players.

When asked why Carreon was kicked out of practice, head football coach Darren Walker differed all comments to the District Spokesperson who is out of town.

Carreon declined the District's offer to change schools Thursday.

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Just a couple of questions that are unanswered since the alleged victim got punched by the alleged bully/thug. (notice how I include alleged on both) 1. With all the hype over this incident, it is cusious to see that EPISD has not come out and told the public what steps to correct and rectify this incident it is considering (if any) 2. Where are the criminal assult charges headed, and Id like to hear from El Pasos finest where they are on this case. 3. Is the kid (thug) still on the team?

Veronica, The article is about the victim (the kid who got punched and is not being forced off the team and told to change schools), therefore that is what we are discussing. And it shouldn't matter if he is in a MAN's sport...these are kids we are talking about. But who knows, this alleged bully may be getting ideas from parents who think just like you. Just because a person runs his/her mouth does not give him, you, I or anyone else for that matter the right to put your hands on them.

Everyone is focusing on the kid that got punched in the face,but who knows what he did to the other kid to make react that way, there are some kids that think they can get away with running their mouth but not everyone is willing to put up with it. If you want to play a man's sport than act like one instead of running home crying to daddy!

Veronica, Veronica!!!!!So, if you run your mouth, that gives someone the right to hit you? If that was the case, your parents would have smacked you daily. I guess your about 15-16 years old, But, you are old enough to learn to be human. Be well, and don't stop learning.

Veronica perhaps you should look at a law book before you find yourself looking at the inside of a cell. Assault of any kind whether it is a punch in the stomach or a drink to the face is still assault. It's people like you who preach hate to the future of our community that is really the sad story.

It sounds to me like EPISD is not taking the steps necessary to bring this problem to a close. I was always told that if you are being bullied you should tell a teacher, but I guess it doesn't work if the teachers do nothing. Did everybody forget columbine? Its only when a child is pushed to the breaking point that people give a damn, but then again our local channels would love an opportunity to cover a story like that just so they could brag that they were the "first to bring you coverage".

What a shame, this school district has enough problems to deal with, now it is setting itself up as a district with no courage, allowing a football coach to make a mockery of what should be the opportunity to teach the rest of his players the difference between right and wrong, and to show them that no matter how badly they may want to win a football game , bullying should never be tolerated. Where is the superintendent at regarding this matter? Who is in charge here,the football coach, ?

you know i cannot believe that you are not taking this seriously. Do you not know the effect bullying has on anyone who is a victim? Yeah don't do anything about this and see what could happen. It makes me sick that no one is doing anything to address this football player's situation. Unbelievable!

And I pay thousands of hard earned bucks for this? I don't know who is right,but,If this coach can not control his players, REPLACE HIM NOW. Maybe coach Tony G. can come back. What a WIMP!! As for Mansfield, maybe a night with the boys at CERESO, will make him play nice.

This is ridiculou!! If anything the attacker should be pulled off the football team, and anyone else who wishes to follow his footsteps should go as well. Why is it that the victim of an assault should be forced off the football team or even be told to change schools?? What a SHAME on the district's part and the coach as well.

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