Easy as 1-2-3... ABC Music and Me

POSTED: Monday, October 25, 2010 - 4:23pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 25, 2010 - 10:18pm

EL PASO - A local school district faces the music... using song and dance as a vehicle for learning.

"The students are just so excited about singing and moving and dancing that it just...you forget to be self-conscious about it and it's really great to watch their enthusiasm."

Special Education Teacher Karen Brooks transforms Canutillo Elementary into a school of rock three times a week by using music to help her students start their education on a good note.

"There's some gross motor activities helping the students with their coordination and there's some fine motor activities helping them with skills that they're going to need to use for writing, drawing, even keyboarding."

Brooks says this early-childhood language and literacy development program called "ABC Music and Me" became instrumental to Canutillo students a year ago.

"Every child comes with incredible potential and music just provides all that outlet for all other skill areas."

"ABC Music and Me" stems from Kindermusik... a 30-year-old music and movement program for young children found by many universities to also enhance spatial and temporal reasoning along with math and science skills.

"Another research area that universities have been using with kindermusik classes is on executive functions skills...self-control, being patient, waiting, taking turns, sharing."

Brooks says the program has already struck a chord with her students.

"A lot of my students that have a very difficult time speaking always do better with music first...so when they learn a song, then they can incorporate that language into their speaking vocabulary as well."

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Excellent skills vital for every child.

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