2 Grenades Used To Kill 3 People In Juarez

POSTED: Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 9:40pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 19, 2010 - 7:53am

When you think that the violence in Juarez can't get worse, it just did. For the very first time, hand grenades have been used in Juarez's drug war. It happened tonight and the video we are getting from the scene is graphic.

Around 7:30 tonight, two handgrenades were used on a Juarez street during an attack on police agents. Here's what we know about deaths and injuries. Two police agents were killed: one a federal police agent, the other a municipal police agent. In addition, other people nearby were seriously injured.

State Police say a third person has also died, and that is a rescue worker.

Among those who are in critical condition, a news photographer for channel 5 in Juarez. Tonight he is in a juarez hospital.

Hand grenades have been used in other parts of Mexico by drug cartels to kill cops, including in Chihuahua City but this is the first time they have been used in Juarez.

One suspect has been arrested in connection with this attack.  Juarez police say he is a member of the Juarez cartel.

We will continue to follow this story and will have the latest for as it becomes available.

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Comrades and peasants, murdering bandits on our southern border all too eager to import their brand of violence into our American cities. Our Socialist government led by an anti-Christ wanna be...what is our future and that our our children? It appears that unless we can vote out this regime we will indeed be doomed by the terrorist messicans and the tyranny of our own government.

As usual its all the yankees fault. Mexico has been on this path for 60 years, drugs are just the final impetus. While Americans can help by not using drugs (heaven forbid!) this is a Mexican problem that must be solved by Mexicans.

Hey, Mexico really needs help, USA the great country could provide it,
How? Please stop using drugs, you are part of this problem, actually, American people
is our real problem (including pochos mariguanotes, chinos etc).
This is happen because of you, you "AMERICAN" pay for the drug, that's why Mexican Cartel can buy guns.

the municipal police part isnt true, he was dressed up like a cop, was part of the ploy to get the federal police out there, this is the kind of thing that will continue to happen because Calderon sided with El Chapo and la linea is not going to give up their territory, also it was not grenades, it was c4

@FMTZ and yet you blame America for a countries lack of control to where its goverment can't even give basic rights to its citizens.Second of all we have given millions of dollars already to mexico to support the stop of this drug war and yet where did all that money go? Why dont the people of mexico realize its gov. is the problem and their the reason why it keeps happening. Always easier to blame others then take responsibility for yourself and change your countries fate by fighting for it

I dont think hand grenades would of caused that much damage. just look at whats left of the car that rammed into the federal police trucks, its totally demolished.if you watch the raw video on youtube of the explosion posted by chanel 5, anybody in the military would tell you those were not hand grenades more like C4 explosives

Mexico needs a good old butt whoopin, let the US come in, and in two months our troops will settle everything down... What are they waiting for to do it???

in Coahuila state also the granades has been used, in all republic in general, don't let México be a second Colombia

America has already made Mexico a second Colombia.
If it weren't for the greed and gluttony of American consumption of drugs Mexico would be thriving. Shame on Mexico for bending backwards to the American demand on drugs. Shame on America for being greedy and getting high at the cost of someones life.. whether in Mexico or Colombia.

Damn!!! Those guys do not mess around... That sucks for the people that dies, my prayers are with their families. I seriously think that the worthless president need to do something, Mexico's worthless president, not our worthless president.

I'm glad you cleared that up.

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